Do you love the Earth? So do we!

That’s why this year’s annual DFW Earth Day celebration will last the entire month of April!

DFW Airport Earth Day 2021

Earth Day

Mark your calendars beginning April 1st for a full month of Planes, Rain, and Atmosphere featuring videos, science experiments, art activities, and Q&A sessions with Airport professionals, scientists, and engineers. Online and interactive content will include climate, aviation, water treatment, sustainability, wildlife, and other amazing STEAM topics.

Though most appropriate for grades 6-9, all Earth enthusiasts are welcome, and content targeting K-5 will also be available. Starting on February 16th, schools will be able to register for STEAM activity kits designed to supplement the content available on the DFW Earth Day 2021 virtual event platform. All other content will be freely available for the entire month and will not require pre-registration.

In 2021, we are embracing citizen science, or public participation in scientific research, with the goal of contributing meaningful data about ecosystems while also stimulating scientific curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural world.

DFW Environmental Affair Department will prepare a limited number of STEAM activity kits with supplies for lessons relating to local wildlife and water quality. Schools may register for one or more of the STEAM activities, but supplies are limited. Kits will generally be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, but priority will be given to classes (or groups) with at least 25 students to maximize engagement. A more detailed description of each activity kit is included below:

bird feeding activity kits

The Bird Feeding and Observation Station Kit

Students will show their creativity by assembling and painting a bird feeder, bird house, and creating a safe-haven feeding station for our feathery friends. Students will then engage in Citizen Science by watching, identifying and counting bird species with help from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and logging their observations. This activity kit is designed to accommodate multiple classes, suited for grades 3 through 12, and DFW will limit one Bird Feeding and Observation Kit per school campus.

water quality activity kits

The Water Quality Test Kit

DFW scientists will lead students (via video) in hands-on experiments on the subject of H2O, an essential resource for human survival. Students will learn about the composition of water, the distribution of fresh versus salt water on our big blue planet, the most common pollutants impacting fresh water, and how to identify/measure water pollutants and evaluate water quality in urban creeks and streams. DFW’s Virtual Earth Day website will include additional engaging content related to this topic such as videos and sample lesson plans. This activity kit is designed to accommodate one class (approximately 30 students) and is best suited for grades 3 through 8.

butterfly observation activity kits

The Butterfly
Observation Kit

Students will watch a butterfly as it develops from a dormant cocoon to an essential member of the North Texas ecosystem. Students will be able to engage with topics such as the biology of metamorphosis and the role of pollinators in an ecosystem. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in citizen science projects focused on identifying, logging, and counting butterfly sightings that will help scientists answer questions regarding butterfly distribution, abundance and conservation. This activity kit is designed to accommodate one class (approximately 30 students) and is best suited for grades K through 6.

rain-guage activity kits

The Rain Gauge Kit

Students will measure rainfall using a scientifically accurate rain gauge and report into the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network through a citizen science project. Additional NASA inspired engineering challenges, associated with this kit, involve open-ended projects encouraging students to design, create, and test their own rain gauge prototype and compare results with the scientifically accurate rain gauge included in this kit. While exercising their engineering muscles, students will learn about weather patterns, the water cycle, and data collection. This activity kit is designed to accommodate one class (approximately 30 students) and is suited for grades K through 12.

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